Patrons to the Mother and Babies Project.

We the committee wish to assure you that your generous donations to the above project, is lodged to a specific account at St Jarlath Credit Union, Dublin Road, Tuam. Three committee member as signatures on this account.
We apologies for the delay in completing the project, but as you are aware we must wait until the Commission of Investigation complete their work and we will await the out come of the Commissions work. This commission was set up by the Government and they are due to report to the Government 18 months after there set up and to be completed within 3 year.
We would like to thank you once again for your donations and we will keep you updated as we get direction for the commission.
Yours sincerely, The committee.


A committee has been setup and a campaign is underway to erect a memorial to commemorate the deaths of 796 infants who were buried in an unmarked grave in Tuam, Co. Galway.
This committee was established when it was made known the children were buried without recognition or headstones in a small section of the Dublin Road Estate where once stood the old orphanage called St. Mary’s (known locally as the ‘Home’).

Our Committee wants to ensure that these children will be remembered and that their resting place will be recognised as such. Therefore we need the people of Tuam and hinterlands to become patrons to this project to help us achieve this goal. We feel that it is time that these children are given a proper resting place on consecrated ground, documented as such on Ordnance Survey Maps and mapping of graveyards.

Our committee wishes to mark the site with a plaque inscribed with all the children’s names, date of death and age; marking the entrance accordingly; devise a brochure so that the public will know where to find the graveyard and hold a remembrance mass for all of the children who rest there.

The infants were buried without coffins in the grounds of a former Bons Secours home for unmarried mothers between 1925 and 1961.
The unmarked grave was discovered accidentally in 1975.
Death records show many of the infants died from malnutrition and infectious diseases.

The home was closed in the 1960s but in 1975 two boys were playing close to the site when they discovered partially broken concrete slabs covering a hollow – a disused septic tank, which had been in use prior to the 1920s when the building was a workhouse.
The site is located at what was a mother and baby home, run by the Bon Secours, from the 1920s until the 1960s.

There was a high infant mortality rate over the 40-year period, with many of the children believed to have died from infectious diseases and possibly malnutrition. But there is no record of their burial. Ms Corless set up a committee, with the campaign to erect a memorial gathering force in recent months.

There is a €50,000 target to complete the entire project. This will include the erection of the memorial, garden landscaping, road and pathway.

This page will be updated as new information comes available on the project.

Home Baby Graveyard Committee

Chairperson: Teresa Killeen Kelly, Secretary: Caroline Canny, Vice Secretary: David Collins, Treasurer: Anne Creaven, Researcher: Catherine Corless

Members: Anne Tierney, Ellen Dooley, Anne Collins, Mary Mullen, John Lowe, Cllr Martin Ward, Maura Ryan, Arthur McDonagh,
TY Students: Dervla Higgins, Amy Morris, Emma McCormack, Lisa Zukovic.

Email : childrenshomegraveyard@gmail.com


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